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Wedding Photographer wanted?

The goal of Wedding Photography on STRKNG is to give wedding couples an orientation help in the search for suitable wedding photographers.

Which wedding photographer is the right one?

Of course one can ask some friends with a camera, if they can do your wedding and save money. But who wants to get an impressive documentation of this unique event will have to book an experienced photographer.
Photographers need to understand their craft before they can start making real pictures. Proper equipment, experience with different light situations and artistic understanding about the construction of a good picture. Good human photography demands empathy. For working with large groups at weddings you need leadership and moderator skills.

Anyone who has mastered all this can begin to deal with current trends or develop his own photographic style. Collecting ideas, copying good or developing your own. Bring location ideas or check the Wedding location in advance to get inspired on location.

An optimal workflow in postprocessing, the creation of great prints or additional products, such as photobooks, present boxes, protected online galleries, etc. complete the portfolio of a good wedding photographer.

A professional photographer should be able to understand and advise his clients and ,in the end, to be able to deliver the desired result.
It is not surprising that between a ambitious beginner and an experienced professional who is popular and creates stunning and striking pictures, there are price differences of hundreds up to thousands of Dollars/Euros.

Wedding Photography on STRKNG

STRKNG is an expert system for photography. It structured and clear: Filtering by location and topic, the best first. Its ranking system is based on swarm intelligence by limited anonymous votings. So it is easy, to discover good and suitable photographers in your area.

A lot of fun while searching!

Although we have collected a sufficient number of wedding photographers, We will offer further brokerage services here.

This page is an offshoot of our main page STRKNG.
STRKNG is Portfolio-Showroom, Gallery and Community for Photographers, Models, Designers and brands.

The concept of STRKNG is to support and to promote good photography. On this page, the focus is on the mediation of good photographers and, of course, also on the collection of good wedding photography.

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